Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer FUn

We have been loving summer so far. Daxs loves the water so we are always spending our weekends on the boat or at the pool. This last weekend we went camping up at jordaneail(not sure how you spell that). Well the weather wasn't the best for boating but it was great for camping not to hot it rained a little bit during the day and a little at night but was great other wise. Dax loved camping so much I think I'm going to be going camping much more often he had so much fun digging in the dirt and hiking up the mountain. So this first picture we got there late at night so while we tried to set up our tents we put Dax in his play pen with a dvd and he was very content.
So saturday night up there they did fire on the water which is where all the boats go on the lake and they do fireworks right there dax loved that. Then on Sunday we decided to fish because all the kids were tired and the weather wasn't very good and guess who caught the only fish thats right me! I yelled so loud and woke everyone up on the boat and Dax just did not understand what was going on it was funny because he needed to get right up there by me and see what it was.
4th of July we had a fun day on the lake with my family then did fireworks with cory's family and Smart me I didnt even take pictures of Dax watching the fireworks, but he did play baseball which was so cute he'd hit it then run after it and go throw it where he wanted you to stand to throw it to him then he'd go run back to Dad to hit it again.
So these last few picture are of the zoo. Dax loved the monkeys and the seal lions we stood and watched them for at least 20 min because he was so entertained he cried when we left.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Trip to The ER

Well this week has been lets just say that we had our first trip to the ER with Dax and I'm sure it wont be the last. So we were shopping at a store trying to find something for Cheynee for her birthday and Dax and Cory were hanging out in the kid section and Cory turned to talk to me and next thing Dax had tipped over on a chair and smashed his finger. I was on the opposite side of the room and Cory starts yellin my name saying blood I need wipes so I head over to them and Dax has blood all over his face and we cant find where the blood is coming from well apparently he pinched his finger in the chair and when it fell it smashed it just right. So we headed to an instant care because we could tell he needed stiches, but when we got there the nurse didnt feel comfortable doing his stiches so we ran to the ER. 3 hours later he was stiched up and ok his poor finger looked so sad and it hurt him so bad it broke my heart. I think it hurt me just as much as it hurt him but hes ok and surviving he got 5 stiches and a new car and he was back to his crazy self. I told Cory if he got hurt on Sunday he was out of luck because we were going 3 for 3 because I had just gotten surgery on Firday and we were not going back to the hospital for three days in a row. So lets just say its has been a very emotional hard week with lots of pain, now its back to reality and moving on. So after all this fun we finally went and did what we had planning on doing all day which was going to the Carnival in Eagle Mountain. Dax had fun he rode all the kid rides by his self and loved driving the car. I didnt take my pictures because I was so wore out from the day that I spaced my phone until we were about ready to leave and I remembered.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well its been like two weeks sense we got home but I'm finally getting to blogging about our trip. We went down to anaheim for Kylie cheer comp again this year and got to enjoy disneyland as well and other suff.

Day 1 cheer comp perlims they did pretty good that day but dropped a stunt but they still ended up finishing first in there divison because there awesome basically. Then we went to Bubba Gumps to eat just for Cory because Forest Gump is his favorite movie ever.

Day 2 we went to Laugna Beach and just walked the beach and did some shopping it was windy that day. Dax wasn't so sure about the beach at first he did not know what to think about the sand. Then it was off to Cheer finials. They won! They were so excited not to come in second this year congrats kylie.

Day 3 we drove down to the Santa Monica peir and hung out at the beach there Dax loved the beach today he cried when we left he was having so much fun digging in the sand.

Then later that night we went to an Angels vs. Dogers game. It was my first mlb gam and Daxes it surprisingly was actually pretty fun plus cory was so happy that it made it worth it. I bought us all t shirts to wear to the game and then we splurged and bought dax this cute jacket. Dax loved his hot dog he gobbled it up in like 5 min. Then mom got cotten candy and he loved that with me as well.

Day 4, 5, 6 it was off to Disneyland. The first day we did a lot of the big rides because it was our least busy day so we did all the fun stuff. On our second day it was so busy I think we only did five rides all day if that even. But that morning we went to Goofs kitchen for breakfast with the characters. They do this thing where they turn on the music and dance with the kids and Dax was in his high chair and started dancing so we got him out and took him over by goofy to dance, well there was one little boy dancing but when dax started dancing he ran away. Dax stole the show he was twisting and shaking so cute and laughing and smiling all the characters ended up over dancing with him. We had the cutest video and I deleted it on accident when I was looking through pictures I thought at first glance it was a fuzzy picture I’m so sad and upset about it but oh well I guess its in my memory. When dax would get scared on rides he would hide behind cory he wouldn’t cry he just hid and then was fine it was funny. Dax did so good the whole trip I was so prepared for the worst and he actually was a little angel he didn’t cry really at all literally at all it was so nice. His favorite rides were it’s a small world, dumo, and the carousel. He loved meeting goofy and Mickey those were his two favorite characters but he liked them all. All in all we had such a great trip. I have far to many pictures posted all ready and that’s not even half but that’s ok.


For easter we had gotten home late Saturday night from our drive so we just had an easy day and my family was still in Vegas. So we had a little easter egg hunt in our living room. Dax was so funny when he’d pick them up he’d shake them and hear the candy then walk to the next finally when he had three he couldn’t hold them so I showed him how to put them in his basket so he’d do it then pick another one out until he realized it was ok to just leave them. Then we went to Cory’s family and did an egg hunt with them and ate dinner. It was a good Easter Dax had a lot of fun and loved playing with his new toys especially the bubbles.